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It was a bit of a different day for the Firefighters of 248 Camden when it started with a call to a duckling that had fallen down a storm water drain, then ended with a kangaroo that had fallen into a backyard suburban pool!

The day started with motorists calling 000 for a family of ducks that were crossing a busy road when one of the ducklings fell down a storm-water drain. The crew of 248 Camden were not only able to rescue the tiny duckling, but they successfully tracked down the family of ducks and re-united them with the lost little ball of fuzz.

Kangaroo in a backyard pool

Then later in the day, they were responded to reports of a kangaroo stuck in a suburban pool. On arrival, they found a small kangaroo up to its nose in the pool and just hanging in there.

Carefully they were able to raise the stranded roo and pull him to safety, then quickly wrap him in a blanket to transport him to a safer location.

Kangaroo taking a ride with firefighters

“He was very placid and willing to be helped, however, due to his small size and a short trip down the road, we kept him wrapped in a blanket to keep him calm. Once we got him down near the bush we carried him in a bundle, placed him on the ground and as soon as he was unwrapped he had a quick shake and bounced off into the sunset”


Kangaroo being released by firefighters

That’s two very thankful creatures and a job well done for that station! Thanks to 248 for the photos and info.

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