Posted on by Lisa Symons

2018 came quick and fast and we have just attended our first market stall for 2018 which was at Dapto Markets.

There was a little drizzle of rain in the early hours of the morning, nothing major, just enough to slightly raise my anxiety levels, then it turned into a beautiful, sunny day.

Dapto is the 4th market in total that we have had a stall at, as we only just started our business late last year.

Dapto Markets

Our first market stall was at Light Up The Oaks in December 2017. I'm not quite sure whether this can be officially included in our tally however...

It had been raining on and off during the day and so the stall holders were keeping an eye on the weather and updating each other on their thoughts on what it would be like in the evening. There were some people who were certain it was going to clear up before the event.

Once the time came we decided to at least head down and see what it was like. On arrival the weather was not too bad so we decided to get out the brand spanking new marquee (I had also had a practice run of setting it up before the day so, you know, that we didn't look like the stupid ones who had no idea what we were doing).

So we got the marquee up, including all the weights on the legs however I was worried about my new goodies getting wet. I had one of those detachable solid walls for the marquee in the car. I was umming and aahing about whether to put it up. I noticed a couple of the other stall holders had walls up so I thought I would put one on. 

Well, that turned out to be a rookie mistake because just as I was finishing off attaching it an almighty storm, and huge wind gust came through and launched the marquee into the air. Both myself and my amazing market stall buddy (my mum) had to hold onto the thing for dear life so it didn't blow into anyone else or their cars.... or to Tasmania. 

By this time the torrential rain had also hit so we were soaking wet, hanging onto the marquee with one hand whilst madly trying to take down the wall.

We got the wall down and were then trying to take the actual marquee down as it was still getting blown away even with the wall down, and with weights on all legs. However, two of the four side poles had gotten bent right at the point where we had to push in the little clickery doo dah thingy's to bring the marquee down enough to get the roof off. 

It was at this point that I started to look around, soaking wet, trying to work out how I was going to get it down. It was also at this point I noticed the stall holder who we were suppose to set up next to (however we were a bit further away now thanks to the wind gust to end all wind gusts), who had managed to get his site under control and was now standing under his marquee arms folded, watching us, and who then decided this was the best time to give us his gruff advice of "ya shouldn't put walls up!!"

Thanks mate! 

Luckily for us a lady and her lovely son, who saw the trouble we were in (everyone was getting blown around but we were more out in the open so were the only, very lucky chosen ones, who got airborne Mary Poppins style) came running from the furthest end of the grounds to help us hold it down.

I basically had to hang off the roof frame of the marquee, at each of the two corners, like it was a set of monkey bars, weee! .. so that the roof would come down over the bent parts so I could get top cover off.

We got it down and packed it back down to its non blow away and break other peoples stuff state. I remember at one point my mum asking if we wanted to sit in the car until the rain past to pack everything back into the car. At this point I thought I had pretty much reached my limit for the amount of public humiliation one can endure in a day, so said nah can we keep going... pleeease (we were soaked anyway). 

We very quickly chucked everything back in the car, including ourselves.

"Well that was fun!" I said ... clearly very sarcastically. We giggled one of those defeated, humiliated giggles you do at times like these because otherwise you'd start balling your eyes out, and drove home... I did also manage to do what most people do in modern times like these ... get a selfie. 

Better Luck Next Time

So from the time we arrived at the markets to the time we drove out their driveway was all of about 25-30 minutes. Then later that evening I saw that the event had unfortunately been cancelled due to the storm. Which was really sad, not just for us, but for all the local school kids who were suppose to perform, the organisers, and other stall holders who would have spent quite a bit of time preparing. Mother nature - yes we love you, but yes you can be a b*tch sometimes.

Afterwards, I did got though a moment of 'that's it, I'm not doing that again, that was sh*t, I'm not meant to be doing this, I give up' but at the end of the day no one got hurt (although at the time my ego suffered a crushing blow), and sometimes you will just have crap days no matter how positive you try and be. That is life. If you don't push yourself out of your comfort zone you won't grow. 

One of the market organisers said to me later on 'If you base every future market on the experience you had today, you'd never attend one again. But everyday is new and different. Some are great, some are horrible'. It was good advice... even for life in general.

Now all I do is laugh when I think about how we would have looked that day. And now my brand spanking new, custom made, non bent, marquee legs have arrived. So we are all good to go again!

Here's to an amazing 2018.

~ Lisa